Beau­ty is in the eye of the behold­er. Every indi­vid­ual, every cul­ture, every era has its own con­cep­tion of Beau­ty. At the same time, Beau­ty is uni­ver­sal and time­less. It can be found in the arts, in nature, in oth­er per­sons and in all forms of human endeav­ours – includ­ing the prac­tice of law. In their work, lawyers must per­ceive, analyse and present their insights in a process that allows “beau­ti­ful” lawyer­ing.

Accord­ing­ly, Beau­ty is the theme of the 2015 edi­tion of roadmap, an annu­al schoen­herr pub­li­ca­tion pre­sent­ing overviews from our lawyers on recent and upcom­ing legal devel­op­ments in our core prac­tice areas, as well as crit­i­cal insights and analy­ses of these devel­op­ments.

The con­cept of Beau­ty also plays a cen­tral role in the art­work of Leo Zog­may­er, the Aus­tri­an artist whose designs, objects and pho­tographs pro­vide the artis­tic frame­work for roadmap15.